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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More Vacation fun

Or maybe I should say - Field Trip, yeah, it was a field trip.
Can you find the face?  Kinda hard from this angle, it's winking.

Can you see the Garnet?  We panned in the stream at Sabino Canyon with a couple of convervation specialist. Let's just say they didn't want any of the garnets leaving the canyon. You do it the same way as panning for gold. Something I could spend my day doing. It is a lot of fun. They also had a magnet for you to sweep through your find to get the magnetite out - think of those bald headed board games where you move a magnet over the metal shavings and give the guy a beard, or hair.  It was cool.

If you are sitting this high at a football game, shouldn't you just go home and watch it on the TV? They were ten rows from the tippy-top. Hawk held onto the seat behind him  when the wind blew.  T12 just laughed. Thank goodness I was already back home.

Super Mom, not..... One big plane, though.

THis one had me steaming. A restaurant in Tucson advertised free gluten  - I was hoping for a clearer picture. I really wanted to call the main company office and let them know that two boys and  I  weren't happy with their making fun of our auto-immune disease that we have to live with daily. Other than the last one we had a good time.
*** I found the restaurant and emailed the main office. I was nice, sorta, let them know that a menu of pizza topping on a plate with a salad would be better than hacking off celiac sprue customers.

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Oklahoma Granny said...

I don't think I could have done that football game. Heights and I just don't get along very well - especially if the wind is blowing.

You just gotta wonder what goes through marketers' minds sometime.

and finally, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank your husband for his service to our country and to you and your boys as well.