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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Messed up mentally due to holiday

Does having a holiday break in the middle of the week mess up your mental calendar?  I don't know what happened to Friday, it's been a repeat Saturday - Commander watching football on tv (yuk), boys playing with Cam., and I've been writing lesson plans for three boys and workouts for 4 groups of athletes for next week, and putting together puzzles.

I'm so messed up that I just looked over at the Commander watching TV and asked him why he was watching it muted. He isn't - I've got headphones on. I'm listening to Pachabelle.

We have one more week of workouts with the track team before we have to turn the kids loose to study for semester exams. The break from going to workouts (for me) will be filled with writing workouts for the winter break, putting together a Track clinic which will include Dynamics, Active Drills, Plyometrics for upper and lower body, weight training without a weight room, individual event training sessions of what to do before you get on the track,( winter training), how to make some training equipment. We will have groups for sprinters/ hurdlers, throwers, jumpers, and distance. So if you know any high school athletes or coaches,  have them contact me. The clinic will probably be late February.

These are our obnoxious practice javelins the boys helped me make. Then they broke the pink handled one and didn't tell me until Thanksgiving Day when I wanted to try it out. The nerds.

This year I've made hurdles to hops out of fencing from T.S.C. and lattice strips for our plyometric hops.  The hurdles have a five inch spike and stake into the ground. Cool.  I still need to make hurdles out of PVC piping for indoor practice. In the past, I've made plyoboxes, and plyoballs out of basketballs and water/sand. Just gets messy if they bust inside the gym. Oops.

Anybody else not ready for Christmas - cards, shopping, putting up a tree, baking, kids out of school. Right now it feels like a 400 meter hurdle race coming up next and I'm out of breath already. Oh well, one hurdle at a time.

I think I'll go put together another puzzle.
Anyone else like 1000+ puzzles?


michelle said...

oh we SSOOOO need to move closer together. I just bought hubby a tv for the bedroom so he can go in there and watch football all day. I don't mind some, but really....and then they have to watch the highlights!! I want to scream!! they just watched the game, do we really need highlights too? haha
I'm behind too. I usually have all my cards done and ready to mail and all presents bought and ready to go out. I haven't even started, except for the kids. ugh Can we move back about two weeks?

Oklahoma Granny said...

Most of the gifts we'll be giving this year have been purchased. My goal this year is to wrap them THIS week - now wait until Christmas Eve. That might not sound like much of a goal for you, but for me it's huge. I have no problem with decorating for the holidays, baking, even buying gifts. It's the wrapping that gets to me.

And I almost spelled that 'warping.' Glad I re-read it before posting.