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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

To the Moon is hosting a run to the moon. Since it is 238,000 miles (about) to the moon, they needed 500 plus runners to try and log 1000 or 2013 miles during the year 2013. Commander and I signed on as a team - Picklesnorts. We signed up for 1000 miles - splitting it between us and hopefully getting some help from the boys. So far we are on track for the 2013 miles for the year. Alright, I know, I know, this is January 2nd.  So we haven't gone too far, but we started when Beiijing celebrated 2013 New Years, so that gave us an extra day. We had the chance to workout together  on the 31st, so I counting it. We will just have to be done by the 31st of next December. We are at 37 miles.

We used mapmyrun to check the distance in our neighborhood and found that we can do a there and back route equal to 2.24 miles. This can be stretched to about 3 miles if we add in 3 more cul-de-sacs. We stopped after each lap to add another layer. By the last two laps we were doing them consecitively in sections. As the afternoon wore on the road was freezing up underneath us. The last 2 trudges up the hill to the church and back home had us shuffle stepping to keep our footing.

The next night was in our new workout room/old laundry room/ past bedroom/ retired office. We put the old vhs tv up on a wall locker and walked on the treadmill or eliptical through the first half of "Schindler's List".  I finished it the next day.

Today, I met Commander at the post gym and we did eleven miles together. To reach the 1000 mark, we each need to do about 3. 2 miles (don't quote me, I can't remember straight on this one) for the 2013 miles we have to do 5.51 miles - now you can quote me. We are in the black for milage and want to keep it that way.

So if you are up to the challenge. Check out and see if they still need runners. Or ask to sign up on the Picklesnort team. We'd love to have you.


Michelle said...

Kudos to you. I will enthusiastically cheer you on from the sidelines while downing an entire row of double stuff oreo cookies!! lol
Seriously, awesome idea and good luck with the challenge. Keep us posted!

Michelle said...

you still there? You haven't posted in a while, just checking on you!! Praying all is well.