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Monday, February 25, 2013

Snow snow snow and more

We are getting our second dump of snow in as many weeks. The boys are loving it. The older two get official snow days out of school and Gluten, well, yeah, he gets off too. I'm loving it. They don't wake up until noon, the dogs sleep, too, after breakfast. I get to do a few chores before sitting down to edit 'the book' - the one I've been writing on for the last umpteen years. It is coming together really well right now.
I've been reading a lot of Angela Hunt books - great author - she writes many of her books in present tense. The more you read present tense, the easier it is to write it. Last week I picked up a book from a different author and immediately wanted to edit the past tense to present. That is an interesting concept for me.  'Sit and set' have also been clicking into the right spots ( I think), just have a few reduntant words like 'turns' and 'stands' that the thesarus and I'll have to work out.
I'm enjoying the snow and the writing sessions.

Herogian and Gluten joined me this evening for a snow ball throwing contest. If you landed the snowball onto the clean top part of the roof, the snowball rolls down into the snow and builds before it drops off. The only problem that developed was the foot slipping out from under you when putting that much force into a light weight object. Mine split like a meteor shower and splattered the side of house, along with Hawk's bedroom window (he just happened to be napping) as I landed on my rearend. Gluten gave one a toss right over the house, then his next one sent his feet out from under him and he hit the raised garden bed edging with the back of his skull. That ended our game as we walked him into the house with a snowball held to the back of his head.

During the first snow, Herogian built a snow cave. Of course, he wanted to sleep in it. Commander and I both said,"No." We have heard to many tales of things like snow or sand collapsing on unsuspecting victims. I'm glad he listened to us, for it collasped at some point. The snow balls he placed beside it, just for that opportune time to hit his brothers, backfired. They found them and used them against him the next day - after the snowballs had frozen solid during the night. And they say paintball and air soft can be painful. Snowball fights just joined that catagory.

Have a great weekend.

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Michelle said...

I figured you got nailed again with the snow. It missed us this time moving more west than north. Our nine inches is melting some since our temps are a little above freezing. The kids are loving the huge snowpiles our friend is making when he plows the driveway for us!!
Enjoy your snow day!! can't wait to read your book!!